1st CADOS Writing Retreat | June 29th, 2023

Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 12:33

The 1st CADOS Writing Retreat helps participants make fast and significant progress with dissertation writing. This immersive 1-day marathon invites researchers of any doctoral and post-doctoral program of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa to come together to sit and write, create accountability, and practice feedback in an atmosphere where distractions are minimal and support is plentiful. They learn how to structure, plan, and set realistic goals, reflect and resignify writing habits and practices, create accountability to make better sense of their achievements and practice a few strategies to jumpstart and optimize their writing.

As importantly, this Retreat is a chance for participants to learn more about themselves as writers. Thus, while they will spend time writing silently by themselves alongside other writers (akin to a library/café atmosphere), they will also be given the opportunity to be in a distraction-free, collaborative, and fully supported space to push their projects ahead and create a writing goals-wellness goals relationship.

Learning Design

Participants will be encouraged to share ideas about, experience, and further develop five critical skills concerning writing:

  • Structuring, planning, and setting realistic goals
  • Practicing “snack writing” and writing by slots as a crucial strategy to enhance productivity while developing the habit to integrate it into participants’ professional and academic journeys
  • Becoming aware and experimenting with failures as crucial feedback for “Rapid Learning” (Possibility Management) and distinguishing what works from what does not work as a way to enhance success
  • Identifying main audiences based on different writing prompts
  • Receive in situ accountability and feedback as a way to enhance confidence and potentially develop a community of practice for future support and collaboration


This is a full-day immersive retreat that requires participants' dedicated time and presence. The day features silent writing slots supported by movement, sharing times, and meal breaks with the intention to discuss, share, give and receive feedback, and collaborate with a community of writers. This environment will be supported and held by the coordinator who will facilitate the journey and guide participants through it.


The first edition of the CADOS Writing Retreat is open to the participation of 14 students of any doctoral program of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Prior training in academic writing and skills is not a requirement. However, having been trained and familiar with writing techniques and resources might enhance considerably the participant’s experience. Students in their final dissertation writing stages will be given preference. The retreat requires proficiency in English for communication and interaction with the facilitator and among peers during a few proposed exercises.

Application + Logistics

  • Application deadline | May 29, 2023
  • When | June 29th, 2023 (10am-6pm)
  • Where | Brotéria (Rua São Pedro de Alcantara, 1, Lisbon)
  • This training offers no ECTs and is free of charge
  • CADOS will provide coffee and tea during the training
  • Facilitated by Patrícia Anzini


For questions and concerns, contact cados@ucp.pt



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