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Welcome to the Application Form for the Doctoral Research Grants - CADOS | Fundação Amélia de Mello

Here you can check the evaluation criteria, as well as the necessary fields to fill in before starting your application.

This will be completed by submitting the form, and only if you receive a confirmation email from the CADOS office.

In order to apply for a Doctoral Degree Research Grant, applicants need to: 

Hold a master’s degree in the area deemed relevant both to the program and to project development; 

Be enrolled in the first year of the 2022/23 academic year or meet the requirements in effect to enroll in a Doctoral Program at UCP and who are seeking to develop research activities leading to the obtaining of a doctoral degree from this University. 

Eligible candidates are evaluated according to the following criteria:

The Candidate's Merit - 55%  - focuses on the relevance and excellence of academic training and other significant experiences;

The Candidate's Potential - 45% - based on a letter of motivation and, in the case of doctoral grants, on the pre-project.

Good luck with your application!


For questions, doubts, and support, contact:

Patrícia Anzini
CADOS Assistant


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