Message from the Director

Welcome to CADOS – Católica Doctoral School!

CADOS was created in 2020 to foster doctoral training at UCP in the dynamics between research, development, and professionalization. 

One of CADOS' main goals is to enhance interdisciplinary exchange for a deeper and better understanding of the challenges of our times, ranging from sustainability, integrity, philosophical inquiry, and biotechnological engineering to issues of truth and health care.

Faculty Member - Peter Hanenberg

Peter Hanenberg Director of Católica Doctoral School

CADOS stimulates exchange and debates at the highest international standards by promoting double or multiple degree programs, as well as cotutelle agreements. CADOS also offers opportunities to benefit from a rich network of international relations. 

CADOS opens the door to an integrated understanding of training and professionalization, fostering a vivid and fruitful exchange between Academia and the labour market.

All students from UCP's more than 20 doctoral programs can benefit from CADOS' activities. They can choose among transversal training courses such as ethics, writing training, and methodological skills, or participate in one of CADOS regular events. They are also welcome to suggest any further initiatives which would meet the needs of a successful and satisfying doctoral training.

CADOS relies on the collaboration of the coordinators of UCP's doctoral programs. Together we identify challenges, needs, and opportunities while discussing standards and quality control.    

For CADOS, each of UCP's doctoral student is a compromise and a promise in working together in research, development, and professionalization. Looking forward to meeting you at CADOS, I present my best wishes. Take advantage of our training courses and activities, join us, and be welcome at CADOS community.

Peter Hanenberg, Director of Católica Doctoral School.