IHD Summer School 2022 | Contemporary Humanism Network

Tuesday, June 14, 2022 - 12:09

UCP will host the 2022 annual seminar of the International Doctoral Program & Research Network Contemporary Humanism, in cooperation with the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Integral Human Development at UCP. The call for papers is open until July 20.

The event - IHD Summer School 2022 - will take place September 5-9, focusing on the concept of Integral Human Development. The meeting targets the three main areas of concern in IHD: Faith and Integral Development, Peripheries of Humanity, and Care for Creation.

IHD Summer School 2022 awards 3 ECTS to participants (through oral and written presentation of paper), and features international keynote speakers from across the research network:

  • Andrew McKenzie-McHarg (Australian Catholic University): “Modes of Understanding the Margins”
  • Michael Bourgatte  (Institut Catholique de Paris): “Video Empowerment in the Digital Age”
  • Chiara Pesaresi (Université Catholique de Lyon): “A Philosophical Perspective on Integral Human Development in the Light of Vulnerability”
  • João Duque (Universidade Católica Portuguesa): “Monist Posthumanism or Analogue New Humanism?”
  • Alejandra Carrasco (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile): “Justice, Respect and Care”

To enroll in IHD Summer School 2022, you must submit your abstract (400 words) and CV (300 words) by July 20 to dhi.cados@ucp.pt. See all the information on the program page.

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