Vulnerabilities (and the common good): CADOS Conference presents results of the DHI Program - Integral Human Development

Monday, November 6, 2023 - 17:49
Cartaz da Conferência final Novembro 2023

CADOS - Católica Doctoral School - presents the main results of the implementation of the projects integrated into the DHI - Integral Human Development program. 

Based on the implementation and impact of action-research projects, the conference "Vulnerabilities (and the common good)", promoted by Universidade Católica Portuguesa, takes place on November 23 and 24 at UCP and Brotéria. 

Fellows from the DHI program - Integral Human Development - will join experts from academia and key sectors of society to think about the human future and the common good, debating ways forward based on their projects to build the present.

Over the course of two days, they will explore topics ranging from the enhancement of social value to the media and vulnerabilities, from intergenerational resilience to female migration and vulnerabilities in education. A meeting open to all. 

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