IHD 2023 Applications: Universidade Católica opens 2nd edition of research projects for the common good

Friday, October 14, 2022 - 18:07

Católica is launching a new edition of its program to fund pilot projects aimed at transforming Portuguese society.


The applications inaugurate the 2nd year of the DHI program: Integral Human Development. The funding, through post-doctoral research grants, seeks to support projects focusing on the most vulnerable dimensions of Portuguese society. Until November 29, young researchers can apply to the IHD Program, coming from all scientific areas.

In addition to funding projects, Universidade Católica prepares researchers to be leaders for the common good, with a vision for the future in Portuguese society. The rector of UCP, Isabel Capeloa Gil, highlights the transformative nature of the program:

"This UCP initiative, in partnership with Porticus, aims to be a "program of mission, of encounter and of journey," says Isabel Capeloa Gil.

The application to be submitted focuses on the theme "Peripheries of Humanity", and must draw on public policy data and employ experimental pilot projects in social, cultural, educational, or other dimensions that are able to translate the key messages of Integral Human Development and how it brings new light to critical issues for the development of Portuguese society. Rita Valadas, President of Caritas and member of the evaluation committee for the applications, stresses the centrality of the theme:

"They are not geographical peripheries, they are right in the center of the cities, invisible," points out Rita Valadas, President of Caritas Portuguesa and member of the Fellowship Committee

The Program intends to attract younger researchers and offer them the opportunity to lead a research project, with a strong interventional character, being these two major goals of the program: empowering young people and transforming society. 

The researchers are provided with a monthly stipend for a maximum of two years, with additional research support, travel, and family allowances for researchers with children. These humanistic values are present in all aspects of the curriculum, as stated by the Program Coordinator: 

"This is the first Post-Doctoral program in Portugal that is, more than a fellowship, a true Program" states IHD Program Coordinator and Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Peter Hanenberg.

Universidade Católica Portuguesa, with the support of Porticus, launches the 2023 edition of the Post-Doctoral Program in Integral Human Development. There are seven grants for young PhDs in all areas of scientific knowledge, inspired by the desire to change the way we look at poverty, inequality, and development. 

The research aims to transform Portuguese society through projects with a strong impact on reality.