CommunicART: For an Effective Academic Communication

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 17:40

“CommunicART” is a 6-week training course designed for (post-)doctoral students from any program at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. The training has a strong experiential component and will focus, above all, on aspects related to communication (intra and interpersonal) linked, although not strictly restricted to, the academic context. In this training, participants will get in touch with resources, distinctions, thought maps, and pragmatic, non-linear techniques to enhance and integrate different ways of communicating and listening, as well as practicing ways of asking, giving, receiving, managing, and integrating feedback.

Based on the idea of radical responsibility, maps, and distinctions proposed by the Possibility Management (Clinton Callahan) - giving and/or asking for possibilities, check-ins, non-linearity and creativity, rapid learning, completing communication, feedback & coaching, etc. - this training will consist of a practice based on the observation and analysis of how we organize our behaviors, emotions, and feelings so that we can then translate them into communicational and non-verbal language, and connect to the other.

This training will also focus on the development of motivational strategies and tools so that participants can continue the work developed, as well as encourage peer initiatives to foster micro-communities of practice, even if only virtually.


Week 1: Radical Responsibility: introducing Possibility Management
  • Map of responsibility and culture 
  • The map of maps
  • Centering
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Practice & Sharing
Week 2: The new and old maps of feelings
  • Numbness bar
  • 4 feelings and emotions 
  • The old and new maps of feelings (anger, fear, sadness, and joy)
  • Practice & Sharing
Week 3: “Talk to me so I can listen to you”: the types of communication and listening
  • The map of communication
  • Thomas Gordon's 12 roadblocks to communication
  • The 4 types of listening
  • Practice & Sharing
Week 4: The size of my box
  • My box
  • Reactivity types
  • Role-playing
  • Practice & Sharing
Week 5: For an adult communication
  • The 5 bodies
  • Check-ins
  • Listening for possibilities & Completion Loops
  • Practice & Sharing
Week 6: How to become a good story-teller
  • "I have a story about you"
  • Appreciation
  • The body-statue
  • Practice & Sharing

Format & Details

  • Weekly face-to-face meetings on the Lisbon campus
  • 1st edition: February 15, 22 | March 01, 08, 29, 2023 (4:30-7pm)
  • This training has a collaborative, experiential, and relational approach, and will spur individual and/or group proposals, experiences, and dynamic practices
  • Coordination and trainer: Patrícia Anzini

This course will be facilitated in Portuguese and is open to the entire doctoral and post-doctoral community of the Catholic University of Portugal.

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