The IHD Program will be launched in February 2022, kicking off with an event dedicated to the integration of the cohort, the presentation of the Program and the team behind the Fellowship Committee.

The projects that make up this edition are dedicated to studying the Integral Human Development of the Fringes of Humanity. This subject refers to the condition of life affected by marginalization, abandonment, pain, deprivation, loss of meaning and hope. The poor, sick, marginalized, itinerant, displaced, gypsies, prisoners, loners, and people who live and work at sea or on the road, should be those who benefit from the initiatives of assistance, care, and human, social and spiritual promotion of this group of researchers.

Throughout the program, the researchers are accompanied through monthly meetings with their mentors, but also through weekly meetings with the cohort. The seven grants awarded aim to develop the projects, at the same time as creating a working group environment amongst the researchers. 

IHD intends to prepare researchers to have a role in society through a leadership voice, with an ethical presence. For this reason, researchers will be offered training in  Ethics, Leadership, and many others. This training is complemented by a stimulus to create outputs from the projects integrated in the Program, in order to promote new ethical voices in the public space, with applied knowledge and methodologies.

The IHD Program takes place on the premises of the Lisbon Campus of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and will be in Portuguese.

In the medium and long term, the program aims to produce intermediate outcomes, such as

  • Promoting voices with impact on society | Creating ethical leaders
  • Strengthening the role of women in academia and society
  • Human development of each researcher and also of the cohort
  • Increase of studies on the subject of IHD
  • Identification of policies that enable a IHD


Raquel Trindade Laurentino

Program Manager


Phone: (+351) 214 269 795