Launch of the Post-Doctoral Program in Integral Human Development: Mission, Encounter, and Journey

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - 12:34

The Post-Doctoral Program in Integral Human Development at Católica Doctoral School starts this week, presided by the Rector of the UCP, Isabel Capeloa Gil. 

This initiative from UCP, in partnership with Porticus, intends to be a "program of mission, of encounter, and journey", states Isabel Capeloa Gil.

The beginning of the IHD Program brings together 7 young researchers, who start the integral development of their scientific and human careers. A unique training offer in Portugal. 

"This is the first Post-Doctoral Program in Portugal that is, more than a fellowship, truly a Program," says IHD Program Coordinator and Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Peter Hanenberg. The Program offers training in Leadership and Ethics, in addition to monitoring the dimensions of research, scientific production and project implementation. By joining the program, the fellows are also part of the global network Talents for Good .


This edition's cohort projects focus on the most vulnerable populations of Portuguese society.  "Frinjes of Humanity" - theme of the first IHD edition - "are not geographical peripheries, they are right in the center of cities, and quite invisible," warns Rita Valadas, President of Caritas Portuguesa and a member of the Fellowship Committee that oversees the Program. During the opening session, Rita Valadas' professional experience shed light on the invisibility of vulnerable populations and the importance of their longitudinal observation.

The opening of the program was presided by the Rector of the UCP, Isabel Capeloa Gil, and brought together members of the Fellowship Committee, IHD grantees, mentors and members of the rectory of the Catholic University of Portugal. José Manuel Pereira de Almeida, Vice-Rector of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, also attended the session.