IHD | "Equity" Exhibition promotes a reflection on Human Rights

Friday, June 24, 2022 - 17:50

João Paulo II University Library receives the interactive exhibition "Equity", and invites us to a discussion on Human Rights.

"With a digital invitation to deconstruct prejudices and build Human Rights values in everyday life," the exhibition's curator, Carlos Barros, hopes "that visitors can get to know the pieces and interact in the construction of realities promoting equity through the values of Human Rights and Integral Human Development (DHI)".

Using a hybrid format, the exhibition invites visitors to reflect through different media. The CADOS' DHI programme researcher adds that "visitors may interact with the works exhibited in the physical and digital spaces, so that equity is not only in the visit - rather, in the exchange they can bring to the pieces and spread the discussion to more people".

The visit includes photographic works of the Duarte Tarré Association and testimonies from CADOS' Integral Human Development team, as a reflection on the need for engagement in Human Rights for an Integral Human Development. For the researcher, this path translates a World with a connection and peace.

Until September 20, 2022 you can visit the exhibition Equity.

Cartaz Equidade