FCT opens 1500 vacancies on Call of Studentships for PhDs 2024

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 12:28

On March 1, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) launched Notice of the Call and the Evaluation Guide for Call for the Award of Studentships for Doctoral Research in all Scientific Domains 2024, in the General Line and in a Non-Academic Environment.

Applications are open between March 18 and April 18, 2024.

The 2024 edition of this Call increases the number of Studentships to be awarded in the specific application line for work plans developed in non-academic entities from 400 to 450 (compared to Call in 2023). The number of Studentships foreseen in the general line (1,050) remains the same as in 2023.

This will be the 3rd edition of Call of Studentships with a line for the Non-academic Environment, which includes: companies; collaborative laboratories; technology and innovation centers and other interface centers; public administration entities or third sector entities such as museums, hospitals, associations in various areas (environment, culture, sport); and non-governmental organizations. The aim is to strengthen the links between academia and the various social and economic players through research.

The FCT maintains an expression of interest for non-academic organizations to host doctoral students, a list of which is available for consultation and is constantly being updated.

The Studentships for doctoral studies are aimed at candidates enrolled, or who meet the necessary conditions for enrollment, in a study cycle leading to the degree of doctor and who intend to develop research activities leading to the degree.

The overall investment planned under this Call is 124 million euros (87 million euros for the general application line and 37 million euros for the Non-Academic Environment application line). Studentships Currently, there are more than 7,300 doctoral research projects directly funded by the FCT, of which around 1,300 are taking place in a non-academic environment.

FCT plans to launch another instrument to support doctoral students in 2024

At the beginning of April 2024, a new instrument will be launched to support doctoral students who work for a public administration entity and wish to dedicate themselves to research on topics of relevance to the institution where they work. The aim is to value and train public administration professionals, and these entities must commit to contributing protected time (at least 20%) to the research carried out by these professionals. The funding will cover doctoral fees and, in addition, a supplement will be awarded to the doctoral student corresponding to the fraction equivalent to the candidate's protected time dedicated to research, based on the FCT's Studentships doctoral fees. Detailed information and application forms for this program will be available soon.

Further information on the Regular Line of Application