Program Description

Once a month, a doctoral student of the UCP studies community will introduce his or her work in a 20 minutes presentation, engaging afterwards in an informal debate with colleagues and faculty from the over 20 doctoral programs at Católica.

The presentation can focus on astonishing results, unsolved challenges, or any other experience worth communicating.

MYCADOS work in progress monthly is not for testing or for evaluation. It is about sharing and expanding knowledge, getting interdisciplinary feedback, fostering networking, and collaboration among peers. It is certainly also inspirational: different areas offer different ideas.

In 2021-2022, MyCados will have the pleasure to feature the following students:

  • October 28 - Filipa Rodrigues (Cognition and Language Sciences) - "Deaf Visuality: a Ped@gogic Crossroads"
  • November 25 - Helga Martins (Nursing, UCP Lisbon) - "Spiritual Distress in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy: a Longitudinal Study"
  • January 27 - Liliana Louro (Institute for Political Studies) - "Governança Sustentável para a transição energética na economia do mar”
  • February 24 - Raquel Trindade (Communication Studies) - "The Mediatization of the Portuguese Presidency"
  • April 28 - Lídia de Jesus Serra (Education) - "Understanding organizational culture and leadership in public schools under the ethos of innovation"
  • June 2 - João Pedro Amorim (School of Arts) - "Suspending the Flow: Dissident art under the Digital Spell"
  • July 14 - Rosário Serão Cunha (Applied Psychology) - "Contributions for universal wellbeing screening in schools: from students to principals"

To register, click on the students' names and fill out the form. Zoom links will be sent a day before the event.

The meetings will be moderated by Prof. Peter Hanenberg, Director of CADOS.


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