Ethics and Integrity in Science

Program Description

Research ethics is the analysis of the ethical issues that may occur when conducting research. It provides the conceptual and practical frameworks for the responsible conduct of research in order to ensure that research is performed with high ethical standards. To be so, researchers need to acquire the knowledge expressed in their content, integrate its inherent principles, translate them into everyday research practices, and become critically competent to mobilize them when facing ethical issues and challenges directly relevant to their research. 

The CADOS International Course on “Ethics and Integrity in Science” is built to ensure that researchers and doctoral students at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (i) learn the basic foundations, frameworks, ethical principles and values inherent to research ethics and integrity in sciences, (ii) discover how to manage research subjects/participants in sensitive and appropriate ways, and (iii) understand the importance and strategies to conduct research in a way that allows other researchers and society to have trust and confidence in the methods and findings resulting from their research. For the first edition, there will be no registration fees.

First, all students will be required to attend and participate in a core and common set of classes (synchronous sessions) and activities (asynchronous sessions). Second, depending on their scientific areas and interests, students will participate in a series of sessions focusing on the analysis and discussion of “special cases” (these special cases will also be offered as synchronous and asynchronous sessions).

During the asynchronous sessions, students will be required to read and discuss the contents and materials provided beforehand by the professor responsible for those sessions. In the synchronous sessions, lectures will be given by UCP professors and researchers recognized as experts in that specific content. Depending on the topics, international speakers will be invited to share their experiences and foster forum discussions.



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